Using Safari on Apple Watch Series 5

Browsing the web on your Apple Watch is something a lot of people don’t know you can do. It can actually be quite useful sometimes, despite what others think.

Prior to the release of watchOS 5 on the 17th of September last year, if someone sent you a message with a link in it, and you would attempt to click on it with your Apple Watch, the link itself would not open.

After the release of watchOS 5, if a user clicked on the link, a mini web page would pop up instead of being blank. If a friend sent you a link to a person’s Facebook profile, you could actually check it out, zoom in on the page, and scroll throughout the page.


You can also open pages like MacRumors, Reddit or Youtube. This doesn’t come as a surprise, but you can’t actually view the video on Youtube. The little web page pops up inside of messages itself, so you can close the page with just one tap.


One of the coolest things you can do on your Apple Watch is google stuff. To do this, you’ll have to send yourself an iMessage with a link to (although any search engine will work). After you’ve received the message on your Apple Watch, open up the same link, and from there you can tap the search field. To enter text, you can spell it out or dictate it, and finally click on the search button. From there Google will provide you with search results, from which you can choose any like a Wikipedia page.


It’s the full world wide web, right on your wrist: amazing!

What do you think about this cool feature?


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