“AirPods Pro Lite” Production May Slow Down Due to Coronavirus

Apple is secretly working on an unannounced product called “AirPods Pro Lite”. A couple of days ago, a rumor spoke about these earbuds as being a new “low-cost version” of the current AirPods Pro. The worldwide Coronaivirus epidemic may allegedly cause the production of these new AirPods to slow down in China. Read more ““AirPods Pro Lite” Production May Slow Down Due to Coronavirus”

Suppliers Starting iPhone SE 2 Production

A couple of months ago, there was speculation of a new phone getting introduced to Apple’s lineup. The phone is believed to be the long-due update to the iPhone SE, a small compact device for people who may not be interested in the bigger phones. Now, there are rumors about suppliers starting to produce components that will appear in the iPhone SE 2. Read more “Suppliers Starting iPhone SE 2 Production”