Make to-dos fun again with Todogram

If you feel like you’re not getting done with as much as you’d like everyday, and you’re looking for a fun and intuitive to-do app just for that, then look no further. Todogram is the best way to do it.

Todogram was created with a simple yet important mission: To make to-dos fun again. The app is the easiest way to create new habits, or simply complete your to-dos. It has a very pleasant and clean interface. No more scavenging around different areas to find your tasks.


The thing that sets Todogram apart from other to-do apps, is not only its interface, but the fact that you can choose voice artists that make the app hilarious.


When you open the app for the first time, you can choose your funny hero, which will voice your accomplishments every time you complete a task, so you’re motivated to complete the next. The funny voices range from Donald Trump, to Barack Obama, Peter Griffin and more. Also keep in mind the list of funny heroes is growing.

Todogram doesn’t think that to-dos should have to be serious, but instead a relaxed and funnier approach can help you get through your tasks.


This app makes you feel great and give you incentives for keeping up with your to-dos and good habits, so it’s more enjoyable. You can visit Todogram’s website here. Todogram is available exclusively for the App Store, with an small introductory price of  $4.99. The app’s official release is set for the 3rd of October this year.

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