What happened to AirPower?

Perhaps you remember, but there was a day last year when Apple announced AirPower, a charging mat which was supposed to radically simplify charging of up to three devices. That date was September 12, 2017 – 329 days ago and counting. Read more “What happened to AirPower?”

New Apple Watch will get solid-state buttons according to report

Ever since the Apple Watch was released in 2015, the Digital Crown and side button remained physically “clickable”, like the home button on “pre iPhone 7” iPhones. But since Apple first integrated the Taptic Engine into iPhones, the home button became static, and physical clicks and haptic feedback were simulated through targeted vibrations. Read more “New Apple Watch will get solid-state buttons according to report”

Exciting watchOS 5 concept

I’m sure you have many ideas on what you would love to see in the coming watchOS 5! As the watch will receive it’s fifth version, it can’t be called a new product anymore – although in my mind it still feels pretty fresh. Read more “Exciting watchOS 5 concept”