What do you want in next year’s Apple Watch Series 4?

As early rumors about next year’s Apple Watch Series 4 start to make circles, we wanted to ask you what you want from the next generation Apple Watch. Obviously Apple will retain many of the features of the current Series 3. Do you expect a significant redesign, or just an internal update? Let us know in the comments! Read more “What do you want in next year’s Apple Watch Series 4?”

Fun Brain Training On Apple Watch

It is no secret that we really love the Apple Watch, because of many things, but primarily because of its convenience, usability, productivity, and design (among other things of course). We previously wrote about Elevate, a cool brain training app, which is actually useful¬†because it increases productivity. Read more “Fun Brain Training On Apple Watch”

New Apple Watch Series 3 Ads

Apple just debuted four new 15 second long Apple Watch Series 3 ads. All videos are titled “The Gift of Go”, focusing on the versatility of the Series 3 model. In true Apple fashion, all videos look exciting and artsy. Watch them below and let us know what you think! Read more “New Apple Watch Series 3 Ads”

EKG Analyzer on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is widely being used as a daily health and fitness assistant, making its owner’s life’s safer and healthier in many ways. In our recently conducted Twitter poll, a majority answered that their favorite Apple Watch apps are health and fitness related, take a look at the distribution below: Read more “EKG Analyzer on Apple Watch”

What are your favorite Apple Watch apps? (poll)

By now, there are nearly 30,000 Apple Watch apps in the App Store. Of those 30,000 apps, many have extremely well thought over user experiences, which make the Apple Watch more of a standalone product, rather than a companion to the iPhone. We frequently highlight our favorite Apple Watch apps and games, but now we wanted to ask you! Read more “What are your favorite Apple Watch apps? (poll)”

TIME names Apple Watch one of best gadgets of 2017

For millions the Apple Watch became an essential piece of technology, as it increasingly becomes a daily companion, encouraging a better, healthier lifestyle. So perhaps unsurprisingly TIME Magazine named the cellular capable Apple Watch Series 3 one of the best gadgets of 2017, coming in at 9th place. The iPhone X received the 2nd place, while the Nintendo Switch became first. Read more “TIME names Apple Watch one of best gadgets of 2017”

What’s your favorite Apple Watch band? (poll)

A nice Apple Watch band can help you personalize your Apple Watch band in a unique way. Today, there really is no shortage of Apple Watch bands, ranging from all colors, materials and qualities. Sure, Apple makes some awesome bands in-house, which many people love and stick with. But, there is an equally great and far larger selection of third party bands. Read more “What’s your favorite Apple Watch band? (poll)”